MGS3: Trouser Snake Eater

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Ahoy there, another SwishMax submission coming from my computer box. This one isn't a sprite movie though! Unlike my others....

Snake gets hungry whilst lost in the jungle, when there are no animals around, what will he do? Cannibalism?

Again, this movie is done on SwishMax which doesn't help but enjoy it...if you can.

**There's a rubbish easter egg if you really want to find it, (its more of my favour to a friend, I thought I'd share him to the world**



...wow, just wow. I mean, that has to be THE most absurd things I have seen done in SwishMax (if any). I really recommend you upgrade to Adobe Flash though...but that is not the purpose of my review. I thought the Flash was a bit funny, it had it's moments...as a guy, it seemed so wrong, but personally I liked it's dark humor; when Snake had the razor and the guard was like (ADV shakes around to demonstrate). The end was also pretty funny when Major Zer0 was like "Why didn't you eat that snake?" and Naked Snake was like "...(explitives)". The only thing I didn't really like and I think you can improve on is the voices. I know you used computer-generated ones, which I don't really like in submissions that don't suit it. Another thing you can improve on is the backgrounds...I thought you could probably trace or draw a background into your movie rather than just pulling up a jpg or something. I enjoyed this movie, just that it has some improvement that could be done...and your friend is creeping me out, man!


Wrong on soo many levels

not only was the movie not funny, it was just so wrong. Made me hurt just watching it...


dude u need to get ur sence of huomor cheked out that wasnt funny

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very random and entetaining try to get diff screams and ide giov it a 10


I can tell you tried but the graphics looked too much like they were made in paint and I didnt rearly find it amusing-if you add'd some funny jokes in it and touched up your grahpics and focused it on someothing slighly better then it could be good-hope its helps
ps:the voices sound;d kinda wierd to me -was it a voice acter or a computer?

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Sep 11, 2006
1:33 PM EDT
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