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Project B - Episode II

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What will happen ? I won't tell ya XD
You gotta watch it ^^

Thanks to the voice actors! You guys were great XD

( Add me to your favorites XD If you like! )
NOTE: This entire movie would not have been possible without Rob DenBleyker, who is my idole. I'm going to work on flash as hard as I can so that I improve :D
Thanks for everything Robby *gg* ^^

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The graphics on this were amazing even the preloader used just the right colors and shading pirate clock kicked ass. Storyline was good and the characters are just awesome as well.

Short awesomeness

Much more improved graphics and the storyline is getting much better and has great charcter development at the same time, which is very hard to get at the same time with flash. The VA was funny but the VA for SageClock didn't suit him, it needs to have an older voice.

better than the first


Nice continuation of the first one you made.
I just still don't understand whats an arrow doing when people talks?
What is the emotion of the clock-star at the end? He is sleepy or angry or half-clocked looking?
3d effects are cool, draws is ok and voice acting sound nice.
Keep on the good work!


In general, this episode was much better than the first installation of the series. The graphics were just as sharp and it lasted longer.

By adding the length, I believe you have presented this portion of your plot much more effectively to the amateur audience. The sinister, epic music complemented the archetypal "evil headquarters" set much better than the music did in the first episode.

Again, though, there were a couple of things that were detrimental to the finished piece.

Maiden6 stated "The dialogue is at times grammatically incorrect, and it is quite distracting to me."

I cannot stress the importance of proper grammar (and spelling) when acting from or writing a script. It is one of the most fundamental elements in any type of presentation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm starting to think "PALY" is some sort of inside joke. I don't think you would fail to notice the same mistake twice, let alone release it to the public.

The voice acting also had a few flaws. I found Pirate Clock's tone to be fairly well suited, but his expression was vague and lackluster in parts. On the contrary, Sage Clock's expression was fairly acute, but I found that the voice sounded too young for his white beard.

Finally, I thought the ending was well done. This project was better than the first, but still has room for improvement.


The graphics were really good, and so was the animation.
I just have one gripe: The dialogue is at times grammatically incorrect, and it is quite distracting to me. For example: "The charges against you will be the penalty of death". I mean, I understand what you're saying... but the sentence by itself doesn't make sense. I'm surprised that your voice actors (which were pretty swell BTW) didn't catch these errors...Hopefully in your next installments, this won't be an issue.

Also... could I have a cameo in your flash? I'm not and official clock... but clock fans, count, right?