The (strange) Dream

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I made this in a day with the inspiration of the Jurasick park theme song XD




OMG!!!!!!!! >.< i was watching it than that weird screaming made me jump u asshole D: o well................i shouldve known somthing was going to happen........ah..........its life..........................
.......wait what?

um... okay...

it was beginning to become interesting then it just ended. the end WAS a nice touch, left me, not scared, but how "bad" dreams generally do leave me, confused and feeling off. you did a good job capturing that, but if it were longer, drew one in more, i think the effect would be more profound. keep up the work!

Nighthawkstudio responds:

yuhuuuuuuuuuuu someone that understood my point!!!!

Well done

Very nice. It is great to see someting like this every so often. I can tell by the oter review that the issue of graphics and sound has already been brought up so I wont go into detail with that ^_^. I think that the music being really low adds to the "magic" of the dream, so I really did not feel that sound was a big issue. Graphics need a little touching up. But all that will improve in time so its really no big. Nicely done and I look foward to seeing your work again.

Nighthawkstudio responds:

tnx for leaving a constructive review and give me advices, yeah i think you will se more from me later....

hehe got me there

the end got me there,but it was hecka funny after the second time! LOLLERSKATERZ XD

Nighthawkstudio responds:

Im glad you were scared te first time :)



This could have been better...

The graphics were nice...but it'd be good if you added more detail to them. The animation was ok, though.
The music was a big problem. The volume was too low, I raised my headphone's volume, and I got scared at the end XD

It's really short...for next projects try to make them longer, and more detailed, because you're on the good way! :D

Nighthawkstudio responds:

thank you very much for leaving such a good review and giving me advices ;)

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2.39 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2006
8:22 PM EDT
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