Goth Lyfe 10: Degoth

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Episode 10 has arrived! The shocking conclusion is filled with romance, action, violence and of course comedy! This episode marks the season finale of Season 1 and we'd like to once again thank the fans for sticking with us! If you are new, go to episode 1! In honour of this being such an important episode...I am not going to warn everyone that the Goths in the show aren't realistically portrayed...(<- that didn't count). Ok well enjoy and don't forget to watch it to the end...*wink wink* you won't be disappointed!


good stuff

good closure to a great series. when are you posting episode 11??????? i wanna see some emo kids!!!!!!!!!

aww...is it over?

*cries* It was so awsome but things must come to an end. I love this seires.

God Dammit, Why didn't I do this series!!!

I actually was starting this exact series a long time ago and became distracted by another animation! (in fact, I'm animating that one right now...kinda) but to see what you have done here I'm nearly SAD that i didn't go through with the series I was gonna do. I have a few tips for you and stuff. Personal Message (newgrounds) me, I would like to talk to you about something! Anyways, review: Great. Maybe get a graphics tablet if you want to take this series even further and a few other thins I'll tell you when I can contact you!


woohoo 10th episode anniverseary

nice 1 again bt please at least get sum music whcih is in time lokking 4ward 2 num 11 ill jst sit here until it cums out k?


Great... simply great... As a goth(ish) person, I'd prefer an ending where they all turn goths... well... besides roger, i h8 roger

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4.07 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2006
7:21 PM EDT
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