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Bang That Drum All Day

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This is one of the first flashes i made. I made it about a year ago before i got a bit more serious in flash. Its a music video to the song: Bang The Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren. There is one more flash after this and its out in october. Also thanks to 0ne_Eye_Blind for giving me the audio and helping with the the animation a bit, your always a help. And now your feature presentation.......

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PROS: The song was very enjoyable. It's also a perfect music video song. So overall nice choice in song. The character designs were cartoonish and lovable. So good character design. The character movement and animation was awkward and funny at the same time.

CONS: No backgrounds in this at all. Maybe add some flashing lights. Or since the songs chorus repeats “don't want to work…” maybe you should have an office building background and he’s rebelling against work.

IMPROVEMENTS: Next time add some colorful backgrounds since the song it self has a colorful mood.

OVERALL: Very nice music video with great song and decent character designs. However it needs a background desperately. Good job.



Fun to watch.

__The Good__
The characters loked great. I really liked this music video, it was funny! The song you chose was great! Very catchy, I liked it. I also liked how the animation went with the song, you did a good job on that. Also just looking at those idiots hopping around made me laugh.

__The Bad__
You need to add backgrounds. It got pretty boring just looking at a white screen back there. You also should have had some more dance moves.

__Over All__
Over all this flash was pretty good! The characters were cool and so was the music. Next time you make a flash like this be sure to add some backgrounds! Good job making this flash, keep up the good work!


Kinda like a music video of some sorts, the guy that starts off dancing was funny as were the other characters and may i say some decent drawn characters even the animation was good flowd well with the dancing music, my only issue would be to add some backrounds something that sets to the theme of the dancing and song...

Add some backrounds...

A funny music video like animation with some dancing fools...


its not bad but...

its not great, didnt like that white background.
nice graphics, song i didnt like but it still worked well with the flash, etc.
i hope if you do another flash you dont just have a white background.
keep it up and good luck :D

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I guess the charecters were kind of cool. I like the song though. And at least there was some camera movement.

The fucking white background is what really made me hate this. There was the fact that The animation sucked and there was no point. And was that a guy or a girl because only women have buts like that.