DumbassDude Short ep 2

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EDIT: Thx for all the great reviews and No Thanks for all the ones that were of Shit use.

On this DumbassDude short, DumbassDude meets someone in the park, and greets him unexpectedly.
I respond to all Reviews.

Check out episode 1 at http://www.newgrounds.co

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I guess it was slightly amusing. It had some nice fast paced animation and the backgrounds were good. And the piss was well animated.

The piss was coming strait out of his abdomen. That was a little confusing. And it was a stick animation which is the sad truth. And why did you blur the back background.


that whole thing made no sense it had no sound and no point

Utterly thoughtless and dull

There's no story. A guy goes to a park and pisses on someone and that guy punches him. The end. Not exactly aiming for the big leagues, are you?

There's no sound. Just a clip of looping music and punching noises.

There's no "art". The characters are poorly drawn.

There's no speech. None of the characters speak.

One of these things is bad. All of them together makes this pure garbage.

There's no effort here. Spend more than a day on a piece of animation. I actually enjoy vulgar and stupid flashes, but they have to at least make some sort of effort. My advice: if a man is going to go to a park and piss on someone else and get beaten up, he should do it in such a way that it actually moves people in a profound way. Make him the best urinating son of a bitch you can. Make us wish we were peeing on strangers and getting beaten up for it.

Pretty funny

It was pretty funny from what I seen. It would be great if, you make a 3rd one, it would be longer I.E maybe he gets to piss on a few diffrent folks lol. I did think it was pretty funny though.

sorry dude i don't like shorts.

it was funny but not longer enough to make me laugh. the sound was cool and i thought dumbassdude looked cool but overall i don't think u should make a third one unless it's longer or has more of a plot. 2/5

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3.02 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2006
9:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original