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This is the first flash movie i have ever done. About a stickman called KillaHammad ALi who likes killing other stickmen :O


voted 5 and submitted to stick collection

Definantly one of the best stick movies I have seen in a while. It was long and never got boring. Very smoothly animated and had very nice walk cycles. I think it deserves to be in the stick collection.

Well it was a stick movie which means it wasnt that graphically amazing. And the wizard thing was kind of confusing. And teh ending with the turn based thing was just stupid. It definantly wasnt funny if thats what you were going for.

wezrule responds:

sorry for the late response. Glad you found it entertaining, I didn't try to make it funny, thx for your complements

Pretty good

pretty good stick movie definately some good ideas but change that soft ass music

wezrule responds:

sorry for the late response. I only chose the music because the first lyric coincided with my flash ^^, but yet it was soft for a violence related flash, thx for your review

Its a shitty version of Xiao Xiao 1

A VERY shitty version...well, I guess it does show potential. If you really work hard at flash you might be able to get it past the newgrounds voters, possibly even get it on the front page. Just dont get your hopes up =(

wezrule responds:

sorry for the late response. xiao xiao owns i agree ^^. I never really got a chance to do anymore animating after i lost all my work, when i reformmated my comp and forgot to save those files. thx for your review

Great first flash

This is your first flash? If so, you have talent in flash animation. The only thing that I think you could have improved was the sound effects. Every now and then I noticed that the sounds would come either early or late, but not so much and not so often that it was any real problem.

Keep making more flash animation and i think you'll become a well known flash artist on NG. Hope to see more of your work very soon.

wezrule responds:

hi sorry for the late response. ye it was my first flash, i learned my flash skills by the great Flair animations by using the frame by frame feature he had, and learned walk cycles from that. I couldn't fix the problem with some of the sound effects, i dont know why. I had done 3 months of preparation for a new flash movie, but when i reformmated comp i forgot to save the files, so after this i never did flash again, was too depressed, thx for the note of encouragement though and for your review


That was actually really neat.

It just kept on going and changing. Quite an intuitive pice.

I like the part where you did the FF part. That was pretty funny. I like how you used many different ways to make him move from place to place.

When he held the body and was using it as a shield there should have been bloodor something coming off the body as it was getting shot, though. Also, when he walked he looked funny and often at times his leg was hanging off.

But it was very entertaining and was a lot of fun to watch. Nice job!

wezrule responds:

hi sorry for the late response. Thx alot for your very positive review. I tried to make it as entertaining as possible, with no boring bits in it. Glad you enjoyed it and thx for your review

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3.04 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2006
9:40 AM EDT
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