Pulch: The Good Times

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Finally a new cartoon eh? Well I've had loads of stuff going on since last I contributed to newgrounds and stuff is still going on. I'm so very tired right now. I hope you like this it took me so long to do.


Not Your Best, But Good

Another great cartoon Dave. Not your best, though, yet good enough to keep me satisfied until the new Salad Fingers Episode comes out. The unique disurbing ways of this, and your other work, are some of the best stuff here on Newgrounds. This one wasn't animated as good as a Salad Fingers or Burnt Face Man episode, and lacked the grizzly violence seen in Milk Man and Valentines Day, but its humor and and style make up for its flaws. The music could have been better, though it mix with the style pretty good. So Overall, its an 8. Good work, and hope to see more soon.

-Casey Cannon

I do love a happy ending :)

I've already watched this twice and after i've written this review i will watch it on a continuous loop until i shrivel up and die fom lack of sustinance- join me...

An odd mix.

I think you were trying to do something different with this flash in particular.

And by that I mean what you decided to convey. Alot of your cartoons usually have these odd meanings and juxtapositions, while others are just plain out comedies with odd conflict between odd characters.

And I think thats why alot of people are reviewing this confused. You really did do something different. Rather than making a cartoon with some sort of moral, or tragic story, or weird gleefully sadistic characters....you have shown us somewhat of another dimension. Its as if you've just given us a window into an entirely other world (a much happier and colorful one that usually we see in your flash), and have allowed us to just watch the little people deal with something they are unfamiliar with. No odd meanings, no kafka-esque dark subtleties, no twist ending. Just a spectacle of a little weird world full of little people reacting and having a short adventure with a scrote-like tree that changes their state of mind.

I can see why you are proud of this one. Its completely off in its own place. Not like anything on this website or anything like you usually make.

I noticed someone earlier complaining that the graphics "were not good" because the characters were almost like stick figures. And while, admittedly, there isnt as much detail on the actual backrounds and drawings as you usually do, its rather obvious thats the style you were going for. It was like colorful drawings children would do blended with your usual dark slighly Edward Gorey-esque drawing style.

Overall this was an odd little short, but entertaining. It moved along at a much slower pace than most of your films, and at times, one did sort of sit there and wonder "when will something happen?"
You've made enough films where I think this something you did on purpose and not some mistake on timing like many authors do in flash.

Overall, I think its good that you're back from wherever you were. This website has been horribley plagued with godawful Steve Irwin and sprite cartoons, so its good to see something worth watching again.

Boy, what a long a boring review I have written here. Its 4 am, and I should be asleep, but being an insomniac, its not going to happen at this point. I need to buy horse tranquilizers. asdasdjfhs,nbf.

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I loved it.

You are by far my favorite artist here and this movie is another example as to why. I agree, this is a more kid friendly video but it still maintained that weirdness factor that I love. I thought it was brilliant so I gave it a 10.

Simply the best

I say, you should be proud of yourself david firth-man that was really good and ace heh
Your becoming a true cartoonist
*thumbs up*

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