Pulch: The Good Times

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Finally a new cartoon eh? Well I've had loads of stuff going on since last I contributed to newgrounds and stuff is still going on. I'm so very tired right now. I hope you like this it took me so long to do.


Another well oiled contraption, sir!

Fantastically done, so Luxemburg was the real thing that maintained/reassured everyone that the Pulch gave out good vibes? Is right or not? Just my way of looking at it for now - i'm sure i will re watch it some time in the future as i spread the joy you bring.

Well done - truly another great,uplifting film from the mind of David Firth. You sir should be assured a place among the titans.

Fantastic i loved it!


You've done it again Dave. Although this one isnt as funny as the Men from upstairs, it makes up for it in audio and quirkiness.

I love that background song, it has a sort of Resident Evil sound to it, and the sound quality in general was all top notch. Looked like more animation than you would normally put into a little spinoff type cartoon, and its payed off... Lovely stuff i would like to indulge further into your toast.

A savoury snack for all the family.

Another ace, you nervous sailor.

It is my firm belief that David Firth is the David Lynch of flash. Maybe there's meaning, but there doesn't have to be. This one had meaning for me. Very much like Scribbler. It was about good times, quite simply. They can seem to come from nowhere, and then for some reason or another, simply fade back. I think that I agree about the effect the last review talked about. Being taken away from one's safe zone. However I believe more specifically that this is used to more effectively communicate what possible meaning that lies within.
The theory is this: people most easily understand that which they already know. The mind likes to glaze over what it doesn't already have a grasp of, unless there is good reason to stop and proccess. In my highschool english classes we had a vocabulary book. We'd get a set of 10-15 words to learn each week. And, I recall seeing some of the words and thinking that I'd NEVER heard them before, thus thinking it useless to learn them. However I notices most times after I'd learn the word it seemed to appear every where. It's less likely that the word never entered my exsistance before. Firths use of nonsense and illogical dream like devices work to keep the brain on it's toes, and thus more open to messages. But if this 'review' get's any longer I'll be foreced to put in in a column in my local brocheur. So moral of my story: awesome fucking cartoon.

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cook me up another...

um..yeah... it feels kinda familiar. Your works seem to put me in a place that I have been at one time or another (kinda outside my safety zone). It doesn't make me feel as though there is hidden meaning in any of this, but it seems to emulate the feeling I get when I eat a few ponics and drink a red bull. Its a very good feeling the whole time, calm and placid. The whole tailor shop thing gave me the same feeling that I get when I wander around with random truly friendly people while I am in this enlightened state of being. Lastly the death of Luxenburg gave me the feeling of when I start coming down. Not really a bad feeling, just kinda sad that I am returning to earth and that the trip has to end.

For the longest time now I have had the hardest time trying to explain this feeling to friends that are weary of exploring the inner depths of their own minds, but you have clearly illustrated it.

If this is not what you were trying to portray than ignore what I just wrote because it would be meaningless to you. Thanks for reminding me of what it feels like since I haven't been there in a while. If you could make an 8 hour one of these then I would watch the entire thing and possibly see the face of god, but until then this is a wicked depiction of a mushroom trip in a couple of minutes.

PS. FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT! (im not talking about the any part of that stupid movie the Matrix U FOOLS!)


Your animations never cease to amaze me

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