Ninja vs Clones LA

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This is a live action movie staring my friend and his little brother. He is a ninja with super power and they are clones no not like the clones from star wars the clones from the freak labs


that was awesome

Ninjas rule!!!!!!!
Mc-Adam, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with freckels

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not to bad

you guys got to much time on your hands, lol. was very good, for a first time flash, could improve the graphics and stuff, but oh well. you did good

These are just pointers for the future

Your subission was unique and you were able to hold my attention by the way you had a new way for the clone to die every time. I never was bored. However, it would have been helpful if you had a more stable camera shot. maybe designate someone to hold the camera next time. That is realy my only complaint I have. Keep us laughing.

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I liked it.

It was original. It would have helped alot if u had someone holding the camera for you more often, when u were holding it, it was really shakey. i liked the throwing knife at the beginning, that worked just fine. That do be good acting.

teh gayness

humer ten beacause it sucked ass

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2.39 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2006
8:03 PM EDT
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