Hungry Space 2

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Due to the surprising popularity of the first, we HAD to make a sequel and with a bigger bang... Attempting to top the first one was a big challenge though, and after many brainstorming sessions and a lot of time... We've created what we hope to be a great sequel to a great online game.

First two bosses look simple and all, but wait until you see the third. The fourth and fifth are even crazier!

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The gameplay and design are nicely done. Unfortunately, the save feature doesn't work. I was really excited about being able to pick up where I left off, but the level codes don't work. I tried multiple times with multiple codes.

I thought this was a pretty interesting variation on the Fishy game. I think that's popular enough to have its own variations. I appreciate how good the music is. The designs of the aliens are pretty cool too. I was confused as to why I couldn't attack the enemies. Then again, I'm an alien, not a ship, which kind of makes you wonder what they're doing in space.

The music seems to be quite stylistic and well done. There was this one big problem I had. It was that I could not really tell what was smaller than me. A lot of them looked the same size. I guess it's same to assume those are too big.

hey mofunzone

i like it but its too hard on boss 1, make it easier ok? 5/10

well i got it to work

it loaded for me in like 10 sec it went from 1% to 5% the 5% then 3% and kept on doin that but it loaded its epic

not loading

this game wont load!!!!!! lame

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2.95 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2006
7:43 PM EDT
Skill - Collect