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Unforgotten Realms: Epi5

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==Unforgotten Realms: Episode Five==

Edit: Cool front page and daily second. Makes me sad this is the episode to first get noticed, since I honestly think this is the worst of the five episodes! Thanks for all the nice reviews and comments guys.

Watch the other episodes first! You will still be able to enjoy this installment of Unforgotten Realms even if you don't watch the other episodes first, however I would advise against it!

Another nine minute episode. This one while mostly done by me, was also done by a friend of mine named Ben. I still need to see if he has a newgrounds name to credit him for it as well. Anyway, this episode features some character develpment for axe and petey. The jokes arn't so D&D like the other episodes just because the way this scirpt worked out. Episode six will come out whenever, I really don't know how long it will take now that I'm back in College.

Anyway please leave reviews and such, and I hope you enjoy it! Send an email to sirschmoopy@gmail.com that says ADDME, in the subject if you would like to be on the mailing list to find out about new episodes.

Edit: Quick Fix to endding

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Those scenes could have been shorter. At least you have it. Rob works great because he annoys Mike more than he annoys the audience. I remember TheMysteriousMrEnter saying that. I really do love how the jokes keep on going. Who knew a French axe could be so funny?

It's great to see everything build on itself. There don't seem to be that many turns. It just seems slow given how much they talk. Wait, I don't really know how "Dungeons And Dragons" even works. It's always impressive to keep jokes up for nine minutes.

This is actually my second favorite of the series, my first favorite being the 2nd one. Also...

so wait......

I just relized something, Rob is canadian so dose that make Jaque french canadians who are a bunch of doush bags or the french canadians, can sombody anwser this question

Now its personal

I looked up Hydro Flame for the luls and I got this:
The Hydro-Flame Torch is an oxyhydrogen generator that operates by converting distilled water into an Hydro-Flame.
For more info on your Hydro Flame call 1-800-40-FLAME
(It cost $1,475.00 to use that attack.)


"he has feelings just like jaques!"... epic:D and also bubble beam and mega punch!

...and also heritage! XD

and also the beggar daamn! this was real fun:D:D