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FBF in the membrane

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this is a frame by frame animation which ive worked long hard days and nights to finish. this took me about 3 weeks of hard work to do.. so i hope you all enjoy it as hard as i worked on it. when your finish watching the animation,there's some extra features. be sure to check them out!

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it sounds as though youve learnt as much as me tho i only started at the beggining of the summer holiday, but i spose late's better than never at all, must have took ages to do all that in fbf! good work, hope to see more from you.

punkrock-productions responds:

yeah, that's i possibility, but it seems you might know more because it says you have more flash submitted then me. and yeah, it took really long to make, but i just worked on it constantly so i got it done sooner then i expected. thx for the review


it does need a lot more work though, because it was a little sketchy...
try making more curved lines rather than other lines i guess...

it was alright though...

punkrock-productions responds:

not only will i make it cleaner and smoother next time, ill make cooler stuff and more curves like you suggested. thx for the review

Sorry, needs a lot of work.

I can't give you a high score, even though you apparently worked on it a lot.

Either you shouldn't be making FBF animation since you're not an art inclined person, or (the more likely) you need a lot more practice.

Just draw things in flash. Anything. Draw lots and lots of things and get used to how they look and how they deform in different angles. That will help you tons in having smooth, convincing animation. For now, things looked a little sloppy.

Learn some technique (and think of better fbf scenes), and your animations will get rated much higher.

punkrock-productions responds:

nooo i cant face those facts. i am a good animater! i agree i do need more pratice. but if this passes it would make my day.
ill try harder in the future. actually im starting to think no matter how "hard" i try it doesnt matter. what really matters overall is how "good" the animation is in the end. yeah thx for the review

Decent start.

It's always nice to see new animators doing FBF work. While, like most novice artists, your graphics are somewhat jumpy and your animation has no cohesive theme, these are problems which experience is likely to solve. The patience to create FBF works in the first place sets you apart from the impatient animators who rely on tweening to create crude works they hope will survive by a fluke and inflated egos rather than solid work as the source of pride in their work. Good luck to you!

punkrock-productions responds:

thanx for being honest atleast. i know, and ill keep trying

Not bad

The song was addicting. Maybe smooth out the movement a bit, it was pretty random overall.. nothing really made sense in the video. Countinue to work on it brother.

punkrock-productions responds:

yeah. this animation was ment to be sorta random.. but i know what you mean about smoothing everything out. ill get even better one day ;) thx for the review