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Starcraft Battle Report 1

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Hey im back again with flash but this time its a starcraft flash. Thats right starcraft. I'd like to thank 0ne_Eye_Blind again for getting me a mic and giving me the idea, Your always a help man. And now your feature presentation..........

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wait, what?

people talk about animation, I didn't see any, someone mentioned a battlecruiser, I didn't see one, what is up with these reviews? however, you don't get a total fail, as you didn't advertise this as anything but a battle report, which it was.

Very welldone,

Very welldone work here from the graphics to the animation which i may add was very smooth and sleek, i love this and thats why i gave a high score, keep up the great work, i am impressed.

Great flash



I don't seem to get it

Not bad

This wasn't bad, I liked the 3D Battlecruiser Loofah (though it seemed a bit strange when it stopped moving but the engines carried on blazing) and protoss's face, and the planet looked good too. The human characters though weren't too amazingly well drawn, their proportions were all off, etc. The commander's face looked more like a five year old than a military officer. It is so round - if he is supposed to be fat it's not really working, maybe do a google image search for a fat guy's face. Their dialogue though is good, it gives the characters a lot of... character. Also: I don't think the protoss have a language (they don't actually have a mouth to speak with!), they use telepathy instead. And I have to say not a lot really happens, but I assume it's just the introduction to a series.

... Just lame

Your graphics were infantile, even the 3d, the style has been done a hundred and one times before, the sound wasn't all tha grand, and neither was the humor. But what really pisses me off is that you just had a black screen at the end, I sat their five minutes expecting something else to happen, but nothing did. In all work on your begining and ending, and the stuff in between.

EGTB responds:

And the moral of the story is dont call yourself Wagner. Dont be an asshole. Show some respect man, be appreciative. And also dont expect something so badly, i know its my fault i didnt put a crappy "The End" finale music soun but its your fault you sat there for 5 minutes. You could have left and gone out, who knows you could have even made a flash in 5 minutes. The point is dont be an asshole about a flash when you have no flash, it doesnt add up does it? Think about that while i urinate on your face.

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2006
4:03 AM EDT