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yes u are 7,
no u dont live in westerville,
and yes i would slaughter u, ur some punk who lives in a bullshit state, who thinks hes tough shit,and that is sad that u want to fight me!! ur not even worth it, id humilliate u understand! or do i have to keep blantently pointing this out to u.

u say thet ur a junior, which means that ur about seventh or eighth grade, u say u live in westerville, but then u would know somthing about it, like were it is dumbass, and even if u do and i find out who u are, ill still kick the shit out of u, even with a brocken hand, so stop bitching at me just cause u have no self esteem and feel like threatining me , which is hilarious, from god knows were is going to make u feel better about urself, i hope u do live in westerville u little punk.

cause ill find you!hahahaaha u beat me up, its past ur bedtime so send a reply when u get this and prove ur up to what u say.



good job I dont even know who the guy is but apparently he made fun of another flash of yours or something? lol o well great job

MrPoPo responds:


good good

i dont know whats up with potato man and his emo review but that flash was good guy, i liked it and im glad it shows him kickin the shit out of a internet nerd like that HAHAHA!!

MrPoPo responds:



Waaaaaay too much hate in this flash....

MrPoPo responds:


Dude, seriously.

Don't use the portal as a forum in a flame war. For fucks sake. You're showing your own maturity level here, man. Want to show someone up? Make an absolutely amazing flash. Your art is not bad at all. With some effort I'm sure you can put some decent work together. I plan on checking out your other stuff as soon as I finish this, perhaps you already have. But don't make an entire film for the sole purpose of bashing someone, or to return fire on someone talking shit. It really isn't worth it, and you end up looking like monkeys, throwing poo back and forth at eachother.

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MrPoPo responds:

hey......tell you a little secret........i made this in like 10 min......and if you knew the man you would hate him as well..

btw: the next one is going to be amazing

just wait

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Sep 8, 2006
9:17 PM EDT
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