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The Guide to Marie June

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This is a simple project I slapped together out of inspiration. I hope to get feedback, good or bad.

To all of you whiney morons who think I called it 'Marie June' out of ignorance, you're some dumb muhfukas. I know it's Mary Jane, but there's something called subtltey. GG scrubs.


Bullshit you called it Mary June on purpose.

You're probably some dumb ass kid who looked this shit up on google. And why the fuck would you need to be subtle? The whole thing is about marijuana and you didn't hide it. Quit being fake to impress you little friends.

this is total waste of time

is this movie about drugs just plain odd no point of effort was made for this

Salvroth responds:

i cant good read when are sentences fragmented

1 for effort

Marie June lol that cracks me up man, and I'm not just sayin it this a real LOL! gotta tell this one to my friends "hey fool pass me that marie june" lol you are one funny paisa make more games like these, oh and listen to some Rick James if you wanna get the name right.

As a submision, I think its all right...

...As for the material its about I gave it 0/5.

All smoking is dangerous to everyones health. smoke of all kinds is damaging.

Instructing mainly teenagers to inhale smoke is imoral.

I am not going to discuss the actual substance. The above reason is enough for me to want to blam this to hell.

However, the music was appropriately atmospheric and the instructions were clear and informative.


I gave this a blam and it's saved? weed is gay, why not go outside and do something that will actually help you?

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Sep 8, 2006
2:48 PM EDT
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