Metal Gear DOLT!

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This is the first MGS comedy animation that I have made. I though I might go ahead and try making one after watching other MGS comedies. This animation has a new Snake solid character model from the one in my other animations, he also has arms, OMGWTF!?

Thanks to Shard Spider for doing virtually all of the voices, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

This'll also be the last Metal Gear Solid anime that i'll create for a while, now moving onto a resident evil comedy.


Very funny!

...you call that humour?!

This animation was filled with pathetic attampts at humour, coupled with a base understanding for the actual game makes for a pretty crap animation.

However the animation was well drawn and I got one good laugh. You also included a FAMAS so a 5/10 2/5

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2 stars for the effort

One of the better Metal Gear flashes

Combining every aspect in animation,humor and sound/voice quality this is one of the greater Metal Gear spoofs,i really liked the character designs and voice acting and it had a wide variety of humor too with it having five skits in one flash.

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not bad, but far from the Awesomes

Its a decent video, bt its just a little too long...and there are a few problames with the characters...its Gray Fox, not Ninjar, and ou dont even have Sniper Wolf. But I do like the part with Vulcan...that wasnt exploited in the awesome franchise, so well done

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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2006
10:17 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody