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"Command & Conquer - Why Generals - Zero Hour sucks" shows you the typical disaster of an EA game ...

EDIT: Oh wow, the movie finally got a REAL newsentry at ONE C&C fansite... awesome. God, i suck.

So, this is my second attempt at an C&C movie ... this is about the game Generals, by EA Games (the assholes who buy up all other companies just to get rid of em). At the start of the movie you will see some logo stuff, but that will change soon... i made it as entertaining as possible.

I know i should have done more stuff inside the movie... i had ideas about Alpha Auroras, Laser Crusaders... but in the end there were the file size problems... and soon i would have no time to work on the movie anymore, some other reasons.

So i needed to rush some scenes ... yeah like EA does it with their games. Producing this movie actually made me sick ... i actually hate the game, but still i play it, it´s kinda addicting. And then there was this "FINISH THE FUCKING MOVIE" feeling... so i did my best to finish it.

Yes the ending sucks, but i seriously didn´t want to work on it anymore ... fuck ... Command & Conquer Tiberium Catastrophe was a million times easier to make.

I think the movie was a failure in the end...

But still... have fun watching...



I have mixed feelings about this...

First of all, I like Generals and don't agree with most of this. However, I still find some of it pretty funny. Some of the humour, though, isn't funny or at least uses injokes that make no sense to me. It's well made I guess, but kinda short. I also wish there was at least a pause button, preferable forward and back as well.

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This is true u guys under see the c&c4

EA's C&C sucks.
The sounds in flash is from C&C:General not from Half Life 2.
EA is a brand destroyer in most of the time, thank god they noticed recently.

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i love C&C 3 and am looking forward to C&C 4 Tiberium Twilight. And you used a bit too many Half Life 2 sounds for critizizing EA. (dont you dare critizize VALVe)


You took what would have been legitimate complaints about a pretty decent game and just ragged on them and EA for the problems. No games are perfect, they all have their issues, and I love how you automatically say that C&C3 will suck (which it doesn't) just because you hate the company that makes the games.

Do yourself a favor, make a constructive flash, one that actually makes sense and has a point, instead of you just flaming on a company that has made several very good games in the past few years only because of the problems a few of their games has had. Stop crying and get over it.

Below mediocre

Letting your anger free via an artistic video is something good.
It can show up problems in a way that others understand that don't know much about the subject and of course I won't disagree that EA destroyed Westwood.

However, the execution of this video is so poor and bland, I can barely watch it. Also, no Pause button ? Please... you could have at least done THAT when you try to tackle such a project.

Needless to say the "sarcasm" in this video is not really a good one and the pacing is below abysmal.

btw, Renegade was an absolutely wonderful funny game. Especially the multiplayer is ingenious. You kids probably just never played it.

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4.30 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2006
5:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody