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"Command & Conquer - Why Generals - Zero Hour sucks" shows you the typical disaster of an EA game ...

EDIT: Oh wow, the movie finally got a REAL newsentry at ONE C&C fansite... awesome. God, i suck.

So, this is my second attempt at an C&C movie ... this is about the game Generals, by EA Games (the assholes who buy up all other companies just to get rid of em). At the start of the movie you will see some logo stuff, but that will change soon... i made it as entertaining as possible.

I know i should have done more stuff inside the movie... i had ideas about Alpha Auroras, Laser Crusaders... but in the end there were the file size problems... and soon i would have no time to work on the movie anymore, some other reasons.

So i needed to rush some scenes ... yeah like EA does it with their games. Producing this movie actually made me sick ... i actually hate the game, but still i play it, it´s kinda addicting. And then there was this "FINISH THE FUCKING MOVIE" feeling... so i did my best to finish it.

Yes the ending sucks, but i seriously didn´t want to work on it anymore ... fuck ... Command & Conquer Tiberium Catastrophe was a million times easier to make.

I think the movie was a failure in the end...

But still... have fun watching...




Generals are not really good game in fact when WESTWOOD were captured by EA GAME the games turned to be a suck ass since WESTWOOD changed to EA GAME... thats awful for me!

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good movie i just got into C&C and i liked tiberiam wars and tiberiam sun....Renegade on multiplayer but good flash

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Killerratte responds:


movie is cool

I don't actually agree with you on the whole ea sucks thing, it is true that generals has absolutly nothing to do with C&C but tiberian sun was fun, so was red alert2 and now that i've played C&C3 + expansion. I realy think that ea has learned from their mistakes and not just rush a game. Cause C&C3 was very cool and it totally fits in the C&C universe.
And now to review you movie: I thaught it was quite funny only there were some parts that the graphics totaly sucked in comparison to the rest of the movie. and also the sound was quite nice

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Sad but so true. : (

great video... you are right 100% I wish we had good old westwood back! But I do have to say renegade was pretty cool...... but only on multiplayer!

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Killerratte responds:

I hate Renegade ... completely. The Multiplayer fucking sucks, it always lags.

Bugz Bugz Bugz

Since it is a good game, it is just ridden with all sorts of bugs. In order to fix those problems, download a good modification to make a not so good game a really good game.

Killerratte responds:

Mods that fix game issues are a lame excuse for a fucked up game.

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Sep 8, 2006
5:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody