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"Command & Conquer - Why Generals - Zero Hour sucks" shows you the typical disaster of an EA game ...

EDIT: Oh wow, the movie finally got a REAL newsentry at ONE C&C fansite... awesome. God, i suck.

So, this is my second attempt at an C&C movie ... this is about the game Generals, by EA Games (the assholes who buy up all other companies just to get rid of em). At the start of the movie you will see some logo stuff, but that will change soon... i made it as entertaining as possible.

I know i should have done more stuff inside the movie... i had ideas about Alpha Auroras, Laser Crusaders... but in the end there were the file size problems... and soon i would have no time to work on the movie anymore, some other reasons.

So i needed to rush some scenes ... yeah like EA does it with their games. Producing this movie actually made me sick ... i actually hate the game, but still i play it, it´s kinda addicting. And then there was this "FINISH THE FUCKING MOVIE" feeling... so i did my best to finish it.

Yes the ending sucks, but i seriously didn´t want to work on it anymore ... fuck ... Command & Conquer Tiberium Catastrophe was a million times easier to make.

I think the movie was a failure in the end...

But still... have fun watching...


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Good, and also, EA I call Electronic Asses

They were... "decent" games. But EA really did fuck up C&C. I liked tiberian sun though.
Fuck EA.

Come on man you can't be serious except C&C 4 they where all good games!


come on dude. u cant be serious, it was westwoods fault. watch the all your history are belong to us command and conquer episode from machinima on youtube.

Westwood's Tiberian Sun to Renegade isnt crap

Tiberium Sun to Renegade is awesome
since westwoods got destroyed
EA made westwoods further games
Tiberian Sun to Renegade shows the creation of Westwoods while they were slaved
becoming Heroes!