CC - Mozilla Ep. 2

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Ok, this is basically to celebrate the reopening of my friends new website. My best work so far.


as to how

++ Liked bleached colours at start and attempt at making it look different.

++ Texture of road.

-- texture should maybe move.

--- Just didn't find any of that funny.

+ Although MC saying he was happy with the result made me smile.

+ MC being traced rather than you using the bitmap.

I'm very mildly curious as to how this'll continue. Didn't really enjoy this though.

FattyWhale responds:

the next two episodes have nothing to do with anything, but I promise episode 5 will.


And now the 3rd one, this was notbad and i can see how you improved in detail and art from the first , i did notice the fonts could be abit better, maybe also speed up the starting credits aswell, but with all that said, it was an interesting series somewhat rand, but funny, so nice job.

Work on getting some nifty little fonts, instead of the plain ones you have.

Entertaining and improved artwork since the 1st, nice job.


FattyWhale responds:

yes, I learned a lot after I made the first one. Thanks for the review

Good, but needs work.

^What I liked^
Well it was a alright Clock crew movie, better then a lot. Most I enjoyed was the whole fart scene.

^What Needs improving^
Well I found SBCs voice to be quite annoying. Modzillas was fine. Also could have been longer/more things to happen. Also the "old movie lines" could use a little work.

It was a alright movie, with a few funny parts. Nothing special, personally did well on the other one. But nice job.

FattyWhale responds:

What do you mean by "old movie lines"?

{{{ BORING }}}

Well, I found it boring, I couldn't understand a word they said. You drew the strawberry and trace bitmapped the firefox, better to trace bitmap than using the original image!

1. Graphics were ok, I suppose.

1. I couldn't understand a word they said.
2. It was boring.

1. Did you join the clock crew?
2. What was the FPS, it seemed pretty slow, 18-30 is what I'd recommend, I like 24-30.

((( ShortMonkey )))

FattyWhale responds:

I guess I could put subtitles in the next episode. I never officially joined at the forums, but screw them. and the FPS was 12, so I will try to make it quicker next time.

Kinda pointless

It wasn't funny at all and it did seem pretty pointless to me. The graphics were pretty good though.

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FattyWhale responds:

It was hilarious

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2.55 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2006
9:29 PM EDT
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