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I wanted to make this to show the world how some people live. The billionaire life. Something to like, to envy, to admire, to just sit back, relax and enjoy.

I think waaaay too much about money.
Music: Yanni - Playing by heart.

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Great concept and quite funny

alexsmolik responds:

Hey! Glad you rather liked it :]
Thanks for the review and fair ratings!

not bad

not bad i like the oringal concept bt where did you get the numbers for that and why did you choose that as your starting number
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alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you rather liked it.
I got the numbers from researching, seeing documentaries and reading about stuff like that. For the cars, just type on google "car price". And for some of the houses, I just made it up, and exagerated a LOT the prices.
I chose that amount of money as the starting number, because I wanted to show a REALLY extravagant lifestyle, and I thought I would soon be out of money. But man was I so wrong!!

Thanks for the review and vote :]


Not bad. Liked the graphics.......music was ok to. I kept thinking to my self...."Isn't he already out of money?" But that's the best thing about being a billionare. Question though.......Mild nudity? I didn't see that. Maybe I just missed it or something. Anyway....cool

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you liked the graphics, they did took a lot of time.
Yeah at the beginning, I took a LOT of money, because I was like "well, with what I'm going to do with it, there's no way it's going to last", but I was wrong...
About mild nudity, it's because I drew, in the art section, a statue, and you can see the breats... I didn't know what to put... But meh, "mature" for a statue? I might change it.
Thanks for the review.

it was ineteresting

it was interesting but what was the point?

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you found it interesting.
Well, there was no fundamental point in this flash. It was just a matter of showing what people can do with huge amounts of money, and to show some cool houses/yachts... eye-candy stuff.
Thanks for the review,

Very Stylish...

Very easy and enjoyable to watch, though I might have prefered a bit more animation and interactivity. This is the kind of stuff I like to see on newgrounds! Keep it up!

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you rather liked it.
To be honest, I didn't plan to add animation to this cartoon, I wanted it to be just a simple slideshow. But since I kinda know NG, I had to add a few movieclips here and there, and add some sort of movement. But animation? Maybe one day I'll finally get up my ass and start animating FOR REAL... when is that day going to come? No idea =)
Thanks for the review,

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3.28 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2006
8:35 PM EDT
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