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Dr Steel's Back and Forth

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*Thanks for the front page slot!*
*Wow! Daily Second Place? Thanks!*
Dr Steel is a man with a vison. To unite the world in a Utopian Playland. He brings us music and toys in an attempt to make us happy! To honor his work I have created a video to one of his most popular songs. Enjoy, and Toy Soldiers UNITE!

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This catchy tune is my all-time favorite of Dr. Steel's music.
Not to mention, this is the best music video of it in existence!!!!!!!!!!

Listen to me

I love this song, one of my friends and strangly enough my mom introduced me to the good Doctor. Now I look for videos in my free time. The video is well done and matches the song well 10 out of 10


I had no clue you had a Newgrounds account!
Keep the Steel-love comin' woo!



I must've forgotten to review this, ha. Good as always. I like the old movie style. Specially the semi-intermission right before the last part.

Some bits are lulzy. Such as the "See Me!" bit. TV, har har. Also, the Feed Me! reference at the last bit is also quite funny.

I wouldn't mind the choking bit cut off, though. To me it slightly ruins the mood, to be honest. Still. Good work there!


Very well done, it captures classic cartooning and Doctor Steel very well. The only question I have is how can the shady figure have eyes when Doc is wearing dark shades beneath it?
Ha it's best not to question cartoon logic.