Steaks on a Plane!

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A spur-of-the-moment Snakes on a Plane (S.O.A.P) parody a friend at my school and I came up with. So... I went home and made a flash out of it. It's short, and not my best work, but it was fun to make and it made everyone I showed it to laugh. Enjoy and make sure to rate it, too!

Credits: SFX from Flashkit.com and the Elevator Music by Khuskan.



Quick works to express something on the spur of the moment is what Flash is designed for. This is the best.

Could have been much better.

Quick works to express something on the spur of the moment isn't really what Flash is designed for. This would have worked out better if you had worked on it more.

PorkenStuff responds:

Well, flash is designed so that one can make an animation. Basicaaly, it doesn't matter how the idea is brought up. I think that if I'd worked to make this longer, it wouldn't have turned out as good. I wanted to make it short and funny, that's all.

^^ Funny ^^

The movie is funny... ButI heard that music on a diferent flash....

PorkenStuff responds:

You're probably thinking of the Elevator music, no? Well, that's Khuskan's, and you can get it off of the audio portal. Thanks for the review.


Its alright, i consider it funny. Though one thing, whats that music called? I need to get it lol. Thanks

PorkenStuff responds:

You can find the Elevator music in the Audio portal by searching for Khuskan or Elevator. Thanks.

Amusing, not entertaining.

This is what I consider too short to be a parody...
Also, while the concept of the parody itself sounds funny, you just didn't deliver the animation, y'now? Work on your animating skills a bit more, then try again. You'll get better in time.

PorkenStuff responds:

Well then, I guess you can't count all those 'in 30 seconds' animations parodies. Hmmmm..... oh, well... Oh, and theres's better animation in the my other flashes (more like ours, as most of the other ones are by a friend and I). So you can look at those for a longer, better-animated flash. K? Thanks for reviewing.

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2.27 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2006
8:05 PM EDT
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