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Hi NG fans!
Here's a 2 PLAYER space game made by LennStudios.
Objective: tag eachother!
A high screen resolution is recommended!

Enjoy! I say again: 2 players are required!
EDIT: Qwerty controls fixed!

Little story: I made this game to chill out while I was (still working on it) making my big game Virtual Freedom (http://www.lenn-studios
.html), just wanted to have some fun with my friends. Then I thought let's post it on NG so... here it is!

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reaction to Ralock

this review is just to tell everyone ( and especially ralock ), that the controls werent that strange ( he changed them by now), but in belgium we have an AZERTY- keyboard and almost everyone else has a QWERTY. so whenever we play a game with the controls on the left side of the keyboard, we always have such bad controls. they are never next to each other, to jump we have to press down and so one... so next time u see some stupid controls think about that, and to all the rest who reads this, try to make a second option to chose AZERTY - controls too.
i just wanted to say that :p.

Nice look.

Fun multiplayer game, and cool Asteroid movement.


You do know the meaning of acquire? you mean require....

Not a bad idea, but could use some work.

For one thing, it's kinda hard to get the hang of. To try out all the ships, etc. You don't really have any idea for how each ship works, and they really do behave quite differently. This is a good thing. But with the long time limit for each level, I ended up restarting it over actually waiting until the level was finished. It would be really nice to have an option to select how long you would like a level to last, either by punching in an integer or just giving a few score/time limits. 15, 25, 50 and 100 pts maybe, and 15, 30 and 60 seconds. More if you want, whatever. Just some variety there would help.

The biggest problem was the two player controls. I mean, QZSD? What were you thinking! They arn't next to eachother, they don't seem to have any order to them (Q and D turn? What?), they pretty much just suck. Just changing them to the more standard WASD would help alot, with W going forward, S going backward, sensibly. Then the second player might actually have a shot.

And, as I'm sure you've heard in other reviews, a single player version would be nice. The AI shouldn't be too bad to write, and it would make a lot of people much happier. Maybe even make a story mode with a tournament or somesuch if you're feeling ambitious. Would add a lot of depth to the game.

Overall, good idea, poorly implemented, hope to see an improved version in the future.

Could work

Not seen something like this before, it's a decent idea. I think the best thing you could do would be to add AI. Most people browse NG on their own, and will blam this because they can't play it. Some idiots will probably even complain that nothing happens, most of us expect a 1-player game.

AI wouldn't be too hard. You just need the enemy ship to constantly move towards you when it's chasing, and move away when it's escaping (both with some level of randomness, possibly variable depending on the level difficulty). It'd be easier to do if you add walls instead if screen looping.

The controls were annoying too. I didn't like how the ship had constant acceleration in one direction, yes I know it's realistic, but it'd be more satisfying to play if it decceralated over time.

Graphics were pretty good. The sound annoyed me though, that 'hehe' noise was funny at first but soon got very very annoying.

I'm forgetting the game as I write this so I'll leave it there, but it's a good premise that just needs a little more. I think this deserves a 2.3 but will probably get lower than that due to the 2-player only thing. Hope it survives though ^_^

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2006
2:45 PM EDT
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