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A Dream Lost

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Author Comments

Well, tried out drawing the stuff myself. I'm not very good, so I warned you ahead of time. I based this off an old french film of a man who was getting hanged. I hope you enjoy it!

Btw, this is my first try at a pre-loader thing-a-ma-bobber, so it might or might not work. Hopefully it does.

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Lol wut?

This was supposed to be taken seriously? I don't know man it looks more funny then serious! It's a freaking worm who wants to fly for crying out loud. But yeah the movie wasnt that bad actually.

a message for dumbasses like you!

listen you dumb ignorant jackasses its a fucking worm! just a goddamn useless worm AND IT ACTUALLY TRIED TO FLY! think about it though you see an ant on a chair, you flick it off, it gets all pissed off and crawls away! WHY THE FUCK WOULD A WORM BE ANY DIFFERENT!? and what did this worm do for anyone here to make them depressed about some emotionally retarded worm thats obviously suicidal!? GOD IS LOOKING DOWN ON YOU IN LAUGHTER!

omg i laughed so hard

at your pathethic atempt to make a flash, i dont care about a worm jumping off a tree this isent my fault i shouldent feel bad its the worms own god damn fault he jump ohhh boo-hoo he got up and started walking again just like any bug,insect,lizerd,frog,snake ect the bug is fine for god sake why are you people crying besides what has the bug done for you to care about it outher then eat your garden and still you care about it , im gonna find every one of you come to each of your houses with a worm and step on it untill you cant tell its a worm any more , stupid asses


OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY SHIT THAT WAS SO FUNNY I CANT STOP LAFFING! THAT STUPID WORM ACTUALLY TRIED TO FLY HAHAHAHAHAH STUPID WORM HAHAHAH HE DIED!!!!!!!!! yeah im sure this was suppose to be a serious film but i just thought it was a riot...lol still laffing at that stupid fucking worm HAHAHAHAHAHA


That was so beautiful, really wanted to make me cry! THANK YOU!!!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :{

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2001
11:25 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 4, 2001