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I've been working on this one (music by me as well) for a little while, and I really like how it turned out. I started it by just doodling with my tablet, and then it turned it to this nifty little minute long thing. It's 1323 frames long, and runs at 24 frames per second. Enjoy!

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Like it.

(Yeah, I'm currently stalking you through your work =p)

Liked the art, the concept was fun and the ending made me laugh.

MorrowDays responds:

sounds good to me!

thanks for the review. you may continue to stalk.


I really tend to enjoy and appreciate a nice and simple black and white animation. This was a short little movie were the plot or lack there of really is not that central of the idea. There are some interestingly drawn characters with nice animation for the movements. I like the use of audio - it definately helps with the concept of a pattern. I would love to see more from you about this, only longer and more intricate.


MorrowDays responds:

Sure, this was the first one I did, and the other three are all a little longer and more intricate. Feel free to check them out. Most people dislike the audio, but I'm glad you picked up on the patternedness of it. Thanks for the review

Haha, I like the concept

But I think what the person said before me, how its missing something, I think it is too... The music you have playing is just to busy for whats going on in the animation. Really quirky music while the animation wasn't so quirky. Perhaps if the textures on the characters jittered a bit to kinda meld with the song, or if you had a background that had strange shapes and stuff that gave the illusion of a distancing plane. Other than that, this was a pretty cool idea. :)

MorrowDays responds:

Thanks, the music seems to be the main thing people talk about in the reviews. I like the idea of the shapes and such.

Thanks for the review


I really liked it. Plus, I like your attitude. You present yourself with confidence. I hate it when someone submits something that isn't the longest or the best animation, and they call it shitty and stuff like that. Great work, but it was just missing something. If you want to see what I mean, just look at my ratings on it.
Thank you for the ONLY enjoyable animation that I've seen tonight.

MorrowDays responds:

Wow. Thanks, I always think that when someone calls their work crap and stuff, they're basically just giving an open invitation to have people give cruel reviews. Thanks for the review

Very nice

It was a cool animation ad I very liked it a lot :) Make more of these and longer and I'm sure it could become a mini serie :) Keep up the good work.

MorrowDays responds:

Hehe, actually, I'm working on a second right now. Glad you liked it.