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Tragic Death of Irwin

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Author Comments

This flash is not meant to be rude or hateful towards steve. It is to make light of a tragic happening. Steve Irwin was a great man and I'm sure that he would like his death to be made more funny than tearful. Because of all of the hate and thoughts that this was to disgrace Steve Irwin,this is being resubmitted..with not too many changes.


Thank you for this flash I am a big fan of him.

may he rest in peace. he has done this since before his first child was born, He has made people laugh, cry, even mad once in a while(Mrs. Irwin heh!) steve was a great father and great croc hunter, I can imagine how Mrs. Irwin is feeling right now, but he died doing what he likes to do, he died doing his dream, Steve rest in peace and hope that your family is doing well.

davidmoore responds:

Tru dat homie. Steve was a good man.

Im not being nasty or anything but...

i didnt really like that flash, not meaning to offend, i know you didnt mean to when u made this flash, but it is actually just a short low graphical clip of a barb going through his heart...

But from me, ur not getting blammed
and i appreciate the effort u put into this, er... "tribute"

Ill rate it a 3 because its a good flash if u want to see roughly what happened to him, so...

I just hope u understand what im trying to say here, its not a very good flash, but i liked the fact that u actually put a bit of effort into it.

So, ill just give it a 3 to protect a bit from being blammed


Sincerly yours, AyrtonKW

davidmoore responds:

Ok. Thank you. I actually did it to be an asshole. It is a common misconception by peers that I cannot animate. I just make crap for fun. When I put time into stuff, it comes out well.


i, for one, liked it. because it's hilarious. good job

davidmoore responds:

Thank you good..person with no gender. Make a profile.

not funny

I didn't find this funny at all. while steve did make light of himself, it's not right to make light of his death...

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davidmoore responds:

sure it is. death shouldnt make people sad. birth should because it is new people being brought into this horrible place. death is a new light and a chance at heaven.


Ok, though I know you said you had good intentions, animating his death is not funny, nor should it be exploited. Please understand that death is not something that a lot of people take as light-hearted. I hope I do not sound to hateful, but I did not like this flash one bit.

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davidmoore responds:

thats cool i understand

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1.65 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2006
8:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody