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A strange little Frame by Frame test I did for myself.
Maybe you will enjoy it, maybe not.

*edit* someone made me a little icon, Thanks!

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Frame is fucking difficult so you know but dont publish test but it worked :D I CAN,T BELIVE IT!!

Great FBF animation

Frame by frame animation is truly difficult to do, but with the right practice, people can get great at it as you have. The only problem with this was that, well, first of all, it was TOO short and I understand it's a test. This happens to me also. You are animating something, then you think it looks great and then you say "Hey! I want to see what other people think!" But the thing is, if you actually wait until you have an avereagly long flash that you think is acceptable to be in the portal, that would be much better. Don't get me wrong, this was great and it shows you have skills, but in my opinion, if you would put a collection of these type of projects together, you would be better off as a great animator.

Graphics-The graphics were ok, or should I say the alien type guy, was drawn well. As well other figures you drew.

Style- Well, in this flash, there really wasn't something to portray you flash skills EXCEPT for your talent with FBF. Great FBF skills.

Sound- The music fitted the submission nicely but it would have been much better if you would have included sounds such as when the piece of the character fell to the ground, you could have added a "squishy" sound of some sort.

Violence- None

Interactivity- None


Overall- You definetly have skills to do many great flashes in the future. Use them to make many other flashes of the same quality but just a tad longer and a little storyline/plot wouldn't hurt either. Nice job, and good luck with your future submissions.

Neked responds:

Wow, great review thanks alot for the feedback. You sir have inspired me to make something more. Thank you


You got some pretty smooth fbf skillz. I can imagine you making a full movie useing all your fbf knowledge and getting a great score. The charecters were cute and I liked the randomness. I hope to see more from you in the near future.

I really hate white backgrounds on mkovies. I dont care how good they are I just hate white backgrounds. Also there were to much movieclips but I know that would have been impossibally hard without movieclips.

Neked responds:

Thank you for your kind words. and sorry for the white background, really the only thing I thought would fit.


Trippy, and good music, not much point but that wasnt what it was for, i watched three times, and you get a 4. Good job, work on your art.
-Elder Dreamstone-

Neked responds:

Thanks alot.

fbf rules

i love fbf because it takes so much more time and dedication than an average flash.
the effects were great and the coulours on th guy fitted well
i know it will prbly be a long time b4 your nxt flash but i hope its good:P

Neked responds:

This short little clip took me around 2 days to complete, fbf is so tedious but I love the end product.

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4.20 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2006
3:24 PM EDT
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