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Strange Days

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EDIT2: THE PRELOADER IS BROKEN! Sorry about the newbish mistake the movie will load, just not as fast as it seems to, until I remove this edit message it is still not fixed yet. Also This movie is suitable for all ages unless you find the Easter egg.

Major thanks first to Tom for taking the time to increase the upload limit for this at the time and the daily 4th and weekly 13th awards.

After over a year of waiting my secret project is finally here! This was the final project for a course I did a year ago now and was the highlight of the Barking College Diploma show 2005.

Originally created in Flash 7 (just before flash became much better at handling video) I've been working on and off on this between studies for the last year or so, preparing and compressing this experimental video as much as I could for your viewing pleasure.

The original Flash and video sequence was so huge Flash could not render it as an SWF! So I had the render the animation and video seperatly then put them together in video editing tweaking the timing to near perfection.

I have plans for more movies in the future going for the humour angle since everyone at newgrounds seems to like my humor movies more, check back in the future for more updates.

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That was strange, in a good way. I was really good. I liked it.

Oh my god.

Seriously, oh my god. You did some AMAZING work with this! I'm really dissappointed you didn't get 1#! I loved Steve Irwin as much as the next guy, but the video made in tribute was no way as good as yours by here. I really enjoyed it, and I'm uber jealous that I can't do something like this for my media class! Well done! Fanbrilliant!

S-K responds:

o_O wow glad I left such a positive impact ! As for why that Steve Irwin tribute > this movie personally i can think of a few reasons.

A lot of people since this is an american based website grew up watching Steve Irwin so it means a lot more to them then a random experimental movie that many won't even consider how it was made which is about half the fun of it.

The tribute movie is easier to understand and probably more entertaining then this if you had a lot of people compare them. This could have possibly made frontpage especially a year ago when the majority of this was first made and Flash wasn't as advanced as it is now, but I guess they feel I'm not quite ready yet for that kind of exposure compared to the other submissions... my last full time course has started now so things will probably go quiet again for a while. Not giving too much away but my next plan is a shorts compilation in an attempt to appeal to more people and practise I'll go from there I guess... thanks for the comment ^.^ sorry for my waffle I just have a feeling of so much to do now so little time... that and it will take me a while to top this movie @_@

Not a lot of stuff like this out there

Trippy video with some interesting editing. Not bad!

da hell

da hell is this??? wtf ok