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Steve Irwin: Croc Heaven

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A tribute to a man whose enthusiasm for life inspired us all. I never thought this could happen, he seemed invincible. So, I spent my day off making this meager tribute. My condolences to the family, he will be missed.

Note: This is not intended to make fun of Steve, but to celebrate what made him unique.

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This was short, but it was still great. It's hard to pass out on something to honor such a beloved person. Dang, it seems like everyone made fun of him after he died. At least when Trey Parker and Matt Stone did it, they didn't say they were glad it happened. Bill Maher is just that much into PETA. And "South Park" is against animal rights.

Okay, I'm getting off topic. The animation was great in this. You really created a unique style. I'll always be glad when people make tributes like this, because there's always going to be celebrity deaths. This one was just sadder than usual.

Nice tribute,he was a great person and now he is a legend

I miss this man so much. I remember the day (vaguely) that I heard that Steve Irwin died. Animal Planet, and the world, was never the same without him.

He was a great educator, a terrific family man, and a childhood icon. If there are rogue Crocodiles in Heaven, he's sure to have long tamed them. ;)

God bless you, Steve Irwin.

He will be missed

I remember watching his show when I was a small kid growing in the late 90s. It's beautiful how something as little as a TV show can bring so much hapiness and meaning to a child's life.

god have his soul

you wil be missed indeed