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Terri Irwin's REVENGE

rated 3.33 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Sep 4, 2006 | 8:43 PM EDT

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Author Comments

[edit] Thanks for front page and the handfull of you who actualy "got" this game.

Guide Terri through epic perils of stingrays to find the murderer of her late husband, THE STINGRAY KING!

Use the arrow keys to move, SPACEBAR to shoot and Z to launch CROCBOMBS (and props to Joe for the idea of crocbombs, forgot to credit him).
(Onic just killed a baby rabbit with his bare hands, fyi)



Rated 1 / 5 stars


I feel amusment from your petty difrences in wievs of Human life.
I can't belive that people actualy feel pity for anything like this.
It's only a freakin game not some kind of battle, where the author represents the Evil and you the Good!
Some rewiever actualy wrote something like:you shuld be ashamed of yourselfs.....
What about all the othere game, huh?
That insult all other celebrties, That doessen't distub you?????
well, if it doesen't this shuldn't too!!!!

altr responds:

Hahaha, good points. Seems you didn't really like the game though. Wish you would've said why. Thanks for playing, I guess.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I dont like it......

Frankly i am upset by the death of steve Irwin, and i this is ment to be some kind of act of Humour, then i dont think its well done, not saying i hated the game though, just the concept that it was of steve Irwins death.... :(

altr responds:

Odd. I didn't see him die in the game at all. Are you sure you're reviewing the right flash?


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Well its not very original.

Its like any other shooting game. But i like the idea of killing sharks .But this game is meant to be funny and i dont thing its funny that youer evenging a real person who really died.

altr responds:

I don't remember anyone saying this was supose to be funny. You might want to read some of my other responces.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ok so here

I admit...I don't see anything funny in the death of steve irwin, However I did play the game. I am not gonna make an opinion on a game with out playing the game. I was reading all the reviews and ppl said they didn't play the game and they hated it. YOU CANT give a proper review that way. That's why it's called a REVIEW. I'm sorry to sound like an ass to some ppl but you just can't make a byast review based on yer own moral standing without actually seeing what the game is about. That's like saying you think a movie sux before you see it.

I will admit the context of the game is a bit wrong. It's basicly based off of the death of steve irwin, but also keep in mind he could have done worse like made a game where you are the stingray and you go and kill steves family and friends.

Ok so I am a bit disturbed that this flash and feel it is moraly wrong however I had to see what it was about. I don't know he was really pokeing fun at steve irwin or makeing a tribute thing. I can't tell you I am not the creator of the flash. Or maybe the artist was in for shock value. Everyone does that these daysI know lots of ppl that just do shit for shock value.

Personally I think that steve and his family should be left alone. Sure he was a celebraty and a great man and should be rememberd. But I don't think he'd like this game. Mainly because it goes against all he believes. He loved animals and I don't think him or terry would go off killing them. He died doing what he loved. I think everyone should be as lucky. No I am not saying he's lucky he died I am simply saying he died doing what he loved. It's better than dieing alone in yer sleep quitely in my opinion. Honestly I don't think he or his family blames the stingray eather they love animal and all of them know the dangers the animal was just acting on instinct you can't expect animals to have reason like human beings. I am sure if they knew which stingray it was the athourities would kill it cuz that's how humans work. But you can't expect the animal to know better.

Now for the actuall game play it'self

Typical side scrolling shooter nothing too intresting here.
Croc-bombs were cleaver however. You do need to learn sting ray anatomy however because they don't shoot things at you they whip there tail like a scorpion. I don't know if you were just going for realistics or not but if you were then you should know that. The game it'self is pretty basic and cuz of this I can't go into anything much deeper than this like I did earlyer.

Now then that is my review.

If anyone wants to judge my reveiw yer welcome to. I don't mind but make sure you read it ALL before casting judgement. I think that alot of you were lazy and didn't play the game and were to quick to judge because it goes against yer morals. But like I said that is not a real review

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altr responds:

Thank you on that first paragraph. Honestly, that does mean a lot.

This really wasn't made for any type of shock value. I don't why/if others feel that way. As for killing the stingray, or any others, I don't believe it's right, but that's not why this game was made.

Stingray wise, yeah, we know it doesn't shoot out stingers but we wanted a bit of difficulty in the game.

Again, thank you for this review and not going crazy like others have and will. I'm sorry if you were disturbed by the flash in any way. That was not our intentions at all.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Those little buggers come at you so fast. I never knew that stringrays can shoot their spines out of their mouth too. That adds a whole new element of wtf. What's with all of the pansies reviewing this? Wacky controversial stuff like this is what Newgrounds made it's name on.



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altr responds:

No idea what's up with all these people dude. Good to see sane people reviewing. =)