StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2

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The Alliance sizes up against their new gargantuan foe in episode four!

After this go watch part 2 of this episode, here on NG.

I've spent all morning cleaving this episode in half for NewGrounds, as it is a big episode - 14 minutes long and 8 megabytes. I hope you like it! Sorry it's taken so long to be released. If you can't handle it being split in two, it's one part on my site.

The sound might jump at points if your computer isn't on top of things - it's complicated but it's to keep the sound in sync for the entire 14 minutes - it'll only do it if your computer is struggling with it so hopefully it won't effect too many of you - sorry about that, I'll try and hide it better in the next one. It's not so bad in the 2nd part heh.



O no the land broke my music gun lol

I have to admit the first 1 was ok but this one is a big improvment great animation on everything exept for like the humans there faces r little wierd but other then that great keep up the good work man lol cant wait to see the next one.


I play on b.net, add me: FiRe-PriNcE

thats mah username, anyways, the movie was amazing and funny! THUMBS UP!

Adun be with us....

Freakin AWSOME MAN.... i gave ya all 10s just fro rocking so much. love star scraft, love your series. i think the storie is great and i cant wait for the next one.

"Why do you use two guns anyway?"

"... cause it looks cool." hahaha, this line had me crackin' up.

I tried hard not to give these a perfect score, i did.

I know i'll get critisized for saying this but even though it's basically the opening, i really liked this episode.

As for accuracy, this is something that came out of your head, based on the Starcraft theme, so i won't knock ya if you change around perhaps some of the vehicles and such. Good job.

LogFish responds:

Thanks ! I'm glad you couldn't not give me a 10, hehe.


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4.17 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2006
7:58 PM EDT