ClickDragType 3

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ClickDragType 3 includes CDT1 and CDT2. This series just started as a way for me to learn Flash, but hadn't planned on publishing them at first. Thanks to all the fans of the first 2 games, CDT3 is here!

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I can't even get past the first level. Not for lack of trying, mind you; I KNOW what I have to do, I just can't figure out a way to do it. There are no grooves in the key and no way to turn the key and no way to see where the green slides are in comparison to the wire without the key being inside and...I don't know, it just seems ever so sloppy.

Lol on level 3 if you move a square that's turned in a diamond shape, they stack inside each other and glitch. Then you can't even guess the last one. This game needs a lot of refinement. A little interesting but no one wants to spend a lot of time doing something everyone can achieve.

This game is easy, its just a hassle to play it...

I can't understand number 2, it tok me 5 minutes to get the key moving and its really hard.

for those of you who don't understand what he key means, your supposed to match the ridges so the green parts match with the wire. then after that the boxes on the side of the screen are supposed to be moved so the white box is placed over the outlined boxes. this reveals numbers that you use for the password.

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3.75 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2006
1:33 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other