ClickDragType 3

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ClickDragType 3 includes CDT1 and CDT2. This series just started as a way for me to learn Flash, but hadn't planned on publishing them at first. Thanks to all the fans of the first 2 games, CDT3 is here!


This seems like a good game but I can't seem to understand it...I don't get what are the objective of each of the puzzle is so if you can just add like a short slide saying what to do in each puzzle and that would be great!
Good game though for a way to learn of Flash ;)

I can't really say anything good or bad about this game, because I don't understand it at all. I assumed it was supposed to be a game where I had to unlock a puzzle of some kind, but it just didn't work out for me. The graphics weren't even that creative. I tried going to the "Help" portion, but that didn't even tell me how to play it! I guess the game was a bit creative.

You deserve credit for something so incomprehensible. I couldn't tell if the levels got harder, because none of them could be beaten! Congradulations on having such a high score. You obviously have friends in high places. The music could have been better too.

I do not understand this game AT all, i feel like i fell into a room not knowing anything, the game gives no help at all, i got lost :/...........A LOT... Will not be playing this sorry game again

I tried a few puzzles and thought I had solved them....THOUGHT....but no.
Tried one with sound...unable to understand what is being said...too many voices all at once.

Maybe offer hints after a certain time has passes....also, a reset button would be nice. RESET meaning I should not have to go back to the title screen to reset the puzzle. That is not a reset. This is annoying.

I will not play this game again.

Glitch report

On puzzle 4 the lower right tile glitches away sometimes. by means you cant see anything through the glasses anymore on that specific tile. i am using win 7, google chrome.

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4.42 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2006
1:33 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other