Half Life 2 Flash

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Flash player 8 or 8+ is requared.



Not enough... just boredom. sorry.

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Well, I feel quite bad for you. I mean, this seemed to be pretty authentic to the original game. It's just that there was nothing interesting going on. It was just you in the same place killing the same enemies over and over. I wish there was music. At least there was sound.

I can see why the rating is so low. I thought this would be a cartoon, judging from the title. The logo loaded really slow at first. Well, it wasn't worth it. I was able to understand the gameplay, if nothing else.

fun i guess..

fun.. but reloading took a while and the annoying side scrolling... overall good job!

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Couple of problems:
* Repetitive.
* Has no end of level or other levels. Unless you consider dying as the end of the game. And there arent any health packs so why keep shooting if you're gonna die anyway. and even if it was a Survival game, you cant submit your kills.
* The Machine gun in the game shoots Automatically. At least change the image with the Pistol in the game if you cant make it shoot like that.
* Half Life 2 as a flash game could work better as a platformer/3rd person shooter. Other wise in the game the Crowbar would never exist.
* Scroll the screen side to side is anonnying while they're shooting at you. and you cannot take cover at very least.
Otherwise it would have been cool to see other levels and fighting more enemies like the headcrab zombies, the headcrabs and lessen the difficulty- they shoot you while you shoot one side so it would have be cool at least somewhere to cover.

not the worst game ive played

the combine should at least move and react to headshots also needs a plot line and something to spice it up like a mission mode where you can earn money for different guns,places ect.

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2.17 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2006
10:48 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person