"The Hitchhiker"

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This one is more movie than game. Which is better? The next one the "Psychological Assessment will be more game.

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Helen: *breaks her husband's nose in front of a police officer and then proceeds to punch the guy with a bomb strapped to his chest.

What a genius.

Another one of these games which was both the great and bad parts to go along with them. To start, the graphics and music were already, and was nice to see some new characters for once. I had to laugh when Yale freaked out over being hit, and seeing the cop and nutjob together was somewhat fun. However, the dialogue options seem to be getting worse and more outlandish the further I get into the series. Hopefully that does not continue.

Oh look it's the cop from the first one,.... i think, guess this take place after he let the dude he caught speeding go for being a spy. I find it a lot more fun loseing then winning, it a lot more funny to watch ted blow everyone up, then listen to the brain numbing dialog. I really hope he make one of these we we can play as the bombs, and see what kind of shit it has to go though. Pick the wrong ..... and you explode....Because you are a bomb. You know I hear this series also inspired quite a lot of stuff here on new grounds, sooo it has that going for it, and it's ok graphics, and sounds. Humor also gets it a star. By Humor, I mean making ted kill everyone.


This is a well thought through series, thats executed in a manner that most NG artists have never seen or heard of, what I refer to is professionalism..

Great job.

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