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After over a year of waiting my secret project is... not this movie sorry guys! XD This movie was an assignment I was given inbetween however.

For this college assignment I had the limiting task of making something a little interactive using a proverb of all things... seriously who writes some of these assignments >.>

I done well I think considering the crap proverb I was given for this and I hope you enjoy this movie ^_^

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A funny flash! More than I expected.

You have a pretty good drawing hand, the kat was the best, a nice cute main character; however the lack of any kind of background, the simplicity of the "chefs" expressions, and the blandness of everything else really brought down your score. Kat+good, Chef=okay, everything else+bland.

I really liked the idea execution of the game. A few more 'camera' angles would have been better, but it was still good. The supercloseup of kat was appropriatly blurry, which was a welcome suprise. The boredome meter could have used a different graphic for each number indicating the onset of "COMPLETE AND UTTER BOREDOME" or some such like that.

Clear most of the time. A good match for both, although the chef seemed to be pretty layed back even when he was yelling. An addition of some kind of background music would have REALLY tied it together.

N/A, unless you count the chef hitting the kat with the spoon, or the potsplosion, which i didn't. They were more funny than violent.

I really like how the boredom meter furthered along the story. Some viewers(dumb ones) might have taken it to be a meter for themselves, and automatically entered the max level. The 1-4 method worked really well, and gave you onsight to kat's increasingly waning attention and behavior. A good idea :)

A very funny toon. You might have explored the different levels of boredom for more jokes, and extended some of them but otherwise very well done!

I like this flash a lot. It was graphically bland in places. It had an odd timing, being slow in a few places(like b/w the intro of the chef and the intro of kat. I thought I had to right-click and press play!). Otherwise it is a very well done piece. With work in the ares I mentioned(or a secnd release of this, think Pot:Special Edition)you could be one your way to a frontpage movie. Good job, and good luck!

S-K responds:

Wow one of the best reviews I've had for some time although it's been a while since I got any since I'm not exactly an A lister flash artist yet, but it's stuff like honest reviews like this and rooms of people loling or going wow that makes it worth doing for me.

I honestly didn't think that highly of this movie except for the pot on head scene which even made me lol when I got the timing right. I used to do more I.T. then media stuff like this until I got bored of it hence why my technical skill is better then my actual art, at least for now...

P.S. check out Strange Days if you haven't already, it's one of the first flash movies to use a combination of animation and real life footage

I liked it

Good job making this movie i enjoyed watching it only thing is i that you could have probably worked better on the sound but besides that i liked it!


the graphics just took a major step back and to the left.
but optherwise it was pretty funny. funny indeed.

S-K responds:

A step Back? I don't understand what you mean o_O I honestly thought this was better animated then Beach unless you mean the way the characters are kinda bound to one spot or maybe how I tweened a lot of face expressions for bloke? I'm a little confused what you mean and would like to hear more, but thanks for the review at any rate ^_^

Not as graphically sound, but funny :D

I think it was really cute. The Foamy addition was awesome.

Funny little kitty

The graphics could alot better. But damm it was funny.

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3.22 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2006
9:40 AM EDT