The Way of Flash(Newbs)

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This is my first tutorial I ever made, hopefully you'll like it and won't blam. I've submit many things, and never had success, please give me some good scores, well at least give me good reasons if not.



There is still more stuff (Newbs) need to know that you should put in there to make a decent movie =X


congratz you just talt me flash. i dont get the other tuts i hope this satys on for the other new comers to flash that are as dumb as me


The only thing i didn't like was the pictures were out of focus and you couldn't really read anything on them.

I liked it

The only bad thing that I saw was that the screen shots were a little blurry.

sniffy-gerbil responds:

They weren't when I was editing the movie, they were top quality, but when I saved the file I made sure that I didn't compress it and preserved image quality, but it still didn't work.

Not Good.

For one: the intro was two long for such a short tutorial. And secondly, the tutorial was too short! There were only three things in this tutorial, three things which have been covered in countless other tutorials. Think about what you doing and then you will be able to realize if its a good idea or not.

sniffy-gerbil responds:

I just wrote what I though others would think helpful and I put it in the way I understould it. We don't want to throught too much things at newcomers at once, it might turn them off!

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2.58 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2006
8:29 PM EDT
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