Red Vs Blue: Blob Battle

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30 Layers
2600 Frames
30 Frames Per Second
This should be entertaining for a while



This is So Uber. Everyone 5/5 this cause it is UBERZORZ


Little mikey got his flash on Newgrounds, He feels so proud

By the way good flash

GeneralMC responds:

Hi Tom, just to let you know, my name is top secret, so I must terminate you and everyone that ever reads this review now...

Rethink your name

The name red vs blue is actually the name of a very successful machinima series using Halo and Halo 2 as the actors, you may wanna rethink the use of the name.

GeneralMC responds:

Actually I know the series, good point, my bro has downloaded 50 episodes of them, so yeah.

Not bad, but there's already a Red vs. Blue

This was well done, and I love the C&C music ^_^, but red vs. Blue is already a popular series donw with halo sprites. Perhaps this could be RVB: Blob battle. Anyway, well done :).

..Meh... Not bad

It was ok, the animation was good, and the style was nice, but the characters sucked. They were just coloured things, no shading, no clothes/apparell, no style. Maybe for the next one, put more effort into the models, and you're score would go from 6 to 8. Also, try and addd blood. But make it in a new layer so you can delete it easily and redraw it on the next frame.

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3.13 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2006
5:47 AM EDT
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