PickleMan's Green Thumb!

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Oh no! Mr. Bad has invaded your cucumber garden in this classic-style game! Bring those cucumbers to your big jar o' vinegar quickly, but don't let Mr. Bad get away with too many of them or all will be lost! And watch out for that vampire bat, he's clearly got some problems. Oh and that nun lady? She doesn't like any horseplay, so you had better be on your best behavior when she comes around. Good luck, we're all depending on YOU to help bring pickles to the world!


A = Grab/Drop Cucumber
D = Punch
P = Pause
Arrow Keys = Move

There are 3 levels to the game. Beat them all and witness Mr. Bad dealt a hearty plate of justice!

HINT: That nun might have a bad temper, but you can sometimes use that to your advantage!



Pretty aweseome retro gaming style to it. Good job. Although i'd like to see a little bit more if interactivity. Still good non the less.

Woah really nice game and music

Sweet memories with that music, Pinball and Soccer from NES ! Great job in general, you're doing very good work !

Mockery responds:

Thanks a lot, we were shooting for a total NES feel. Glad you enjoyed it!

Great game.


LMAO made me laugh when i died........

The 8-bit graphics bring back memories when u first played a video-game and you were hooked like ur hooked on coke.....

Anyway great feel the music really was great for the submission.
At first the controls were a little iffy but after 2 dies you get the feel for it.

Nice job, and if u guys give a bad review, you have no talent and/or you have no eye for talent.

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great retro game

i love the intro music at the start up screen from mario pinball

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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2006
9:27 PM EDT
Action - Other