Gartoons - SBC Packers

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Yeah, I created this.
It was a long time ago and I was really bored and wanted to try flash animation. That's where this came about. I e-mailed Rex about this and he liked it. I wanted to change the background, but I couldn't find a picture of anyone packing so I just kept the sweat shop image. All the hard work paid off because when he had a show in Toronto I finally got to meet him. THere's no joke about his height, because he's really small. I guess he was surprised to see me because I don't look like your typical Filipino. Anyway, we took pictures of each other and he gave me an SBC t-shirt for my work.
Note: I will no longer be making anymore movies on Rex's comedy sketches.


Very Filipino!! XD

That's so cool, really. What more can I say?!?

vdj-microbe responds:

nothing.. nothing at all. thanks


Man thats funny. I'm filipino so most of my relatives speak fob. For example on might sayL: Penis your homework before you go out. Or When my sister drowns Chicken Nut Bread.

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Very, Very Funny

I like it alot, because i am Filipino and know the accents of the people. I don't speak like that tho.

vdj-microbe responds:

REally? Do you hab anyone who has de accent? It's berry hard to understand if you were born here, but to pilipinos it's berry easy. I don't how dey do it? I say, "Fifty-five cents" and they say "pipty-pibe cents". Ano ba? LOL :D I'm not too sure that I will be making another flash skit. I'd like to see what other flash animatiors can dish out with the material. Rex, was nice enough to publicize this over the net. This is just a baby step to something bigger and better. I'm working on a much larger project and I'm focusing on that.

"As you can see behind me", It RULES!!!

It's a good spoof of "LBC". Especially the hamster, with the big incisor joke, it was hilarious. "Like he says, he'll "PACK" anything!!!"

Awesome Comedy, So-so Animation

Have seen this onebefore and I never tire of watching it. Hope more Pinoy comics are given this opportunity.

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3.91 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2001
10:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Original