James Bond SM 3 (2/2)

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This is part two of the video we just submitted, in two parts again because of the filesize. We forgot to mention before that we are trying out a few new guns. We hope you can enjoy this one as much as the others. ;0 = (cock joke)

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Looks Great

I imagine the game would look exactly like this... (with much crappier texturing, of course).
Very nicely choreographed, which shows you did your homework. You need costumes and sets next.
then special effects...

Me again

Sweet, I was wondering when you guys were gonna crank out another. It's really cool to see how far you've come with these, it's been exactly a year since you guys first submitted the House Mission and it's easy to see the improvement.

Graphics: I don't know if you guys got a new camera or if you just learned to use it better, but either way the graphics were much better and cleaner than previous submissions. For some reason, the part when it said "Unlocked it" made me laugh.

Style: It's James Bond, how can you go wrong? I loved the part when James gets attacked by the arms dealer.

Sound: Gun sounds were a little overpowering, other than that the subtitles made it much easier to understand what was going on.

Violence: Shooting, no blood, like Golden Eye. Violence was there but not over the top or unecessary.

Interactivity: n/a

Humor: n/a

Well, what can I add? A job well done, and it's good to see you finally got some credit for this. Here's to another year, hoping to see some snow missions with winter coming.

well done!

i like this one it was made just right and i like the james bond theme.


Graphics n/a
not really applicable since it was recorded

a newish style only notable other uses were fps in real life series

smooth without flaws great quality original music and crisp voices

no gore as such but gun fights were good the recoil was a little over the top at times like with the ak47 he would fire one shot and the gun basically reached the ceiling

interactivity n/a
not a video game so not applicable

humor n/a
not a comedy so again not applicable

overall 8
try to improve the recoil mainly maybe a longer saga or longer individual movies apart from that good job keep up the good work


X-Aldin responds:

Well we definitely have a lot more James Bond movies out there, so if u havent seen them yet, check em out. Thanks for the complete review.

Nevr thought i'd se one of those!

It's pretty orginal, but quite limited mainly due to the fact that it's note a animated flash movie thus making it less believable, while I'll still say that the shooting bit is kinda cool.

X-Aldin responds:

Thanks for actually making sense in your review when you say its not an animated movie. You justify your answer unlike many other users. Thanks for the review.

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3.97 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2006
5:17 PM EDT
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