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Z Ball - Phase2

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Author Comments

^ Game is FAST and very challenging - PRACTICE to learn
Combatants attack each other by means of a ball of energy
The players must 'tag' the ball and keep it charged for it to be their weapon
Combos multiply attack damage and replenish health
You can melee your opponent whilst they are hurt/stunned
Physical prowess increases on level-up
Conquer infinite levels to become the Ultimate Warrior


Player Controls

Aim :
Use your Mouse to aim your target reticle
Any attack will apply force in this direction relative to your player
Technique :
- Stay alert, watch your player, the ball, and target at all times
- Aim vertical to assist combos
- Effectively lock-on to your enemy as they move about you

Power :
Hold down the Left Mouse button to increase the Power (Blue Bar) you intend to inflict
You only have as much Power as you do Stamina
Technique :
- Keep an eye on your Stamina gauge (Purple Bar)
- Save the high Power attacks for when you need them

Basic Movement :
(W) Use jets to fly upwards
(S) Use jets to fly downwards
(A) Use jets to fly to your Left
(D) Use jets to fly to your Right
Technique :
- You can only fly as high as your current Level
- Use short bursts for controlled flight
- The faster you fly, the longer it will take to change direction
- If you time the release of your jets correctly on & after impact, you can rebound off walls without slowing down

Instant Movement :
Press and release to instantaneously move at 3X speed in direction of travel
Stamina cost determined by Player level
Technique :
- Useful for dodging and covering large distances quickly
- Teleport in front of the ball/enemy and unleash your next attack, chain this technique to dominate

Offense :
Release the Left Mouse button after charging Power to unleash an attack
Attack technique determined by Players Aim and Power
Stamina cost determined by Power
You cannot perform an attack that requires more Stamina than you possess
You cannot be hurt whilst performing an attack
Basic Technique :
- Use the target reticle colour as a guide for your attack technique
White - performs a Stall, or a braking attack
Green - performs a Kick
Yellow - performs a Punch
Red - performs a Power attack
- Use Stall attacks to help build combos
- Finish the combo with a Power attack to charge the ball faster
Advanced Technique :
- Attack with a burst of your jets for a lunging attack
- Take advantage of your drone and use it as a projectile to chain combos
- Your drone can also be used as a projectile to obtain power-ups
- Teleport in front of the ball/enemy and unleash your next attack, chain this technique to dominate

Defense :
(SpaceBar) SHIELD
Press and release to unleash a sphere of shielding energy, robbing the ball of energy
Ends combo rally
Stamina cost determined by Player level
Technique :
- The shield will take a fraction of time to charge, so time it wisely
- The ball rebound can be controlled by the mouse' distance and angle from you
- The shield is a very effective teleport-attack

Look out for useful items

BallType varies the ball's weight and damage-scale

Added - new enemy animation system; continuous play; character progression; melee combat system; scoring system; new menus; soundtrack.
WIP- ranking/feedback system; tutorial; larger enemy animation library; arenas; map hazards; weapons/special moves; secret character/character selection; story/pathways; cinematics/misc gfx.
Glitches - a few sprite bugs; enemy wont stand back up on some new rounds.

ZBall is in its prototype stages, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Contact me for help or full manual.

Audio credits :
SFX - Dragonball(Toei) & StreetFighter(Capcom)
BGM - Arcade & Practice; KYnetiK(self-authored) &
MainMenu; sampled from 'DBZ - Back to the Lab' by Bruce Faulconer

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You cant fly?

i have played all of them and i like this 1 becouse of the graphic of the lvl but why cant he fly?????



KynetiK-27 responds:

TY very much ^_^ Play Zball X, its the last one.


can u realese a beta for this game???

KynetiK-27 responds:

I always considered this a beta version of sorts :S

This flash is fairly old now. ZBALL X is the latest rendition of the engine, and is much more substantial. I will consider making a tutorial and alpha fla of the basic Zball engine if there exists demand for it.

nice one

nice newer version of Z Ball. there wasn't too much of a difference from the other one i played, but it was still a lot of fun to play and it was a great time killer.


A good game well worth playing I cant wait till the full version comes out I got to level 14 yey me.

KynetiK-27 responds:

Nice work! I dub thee 'Guyver' Rank.