Pirates of the 7 Skies

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This is actually a remake of my first flash animation. Hopefully I've improved since then!
Three sky pirates are after a huge hoard of gold. But the gold is guarded by a deadly curse...

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pretty good but to:lostnoise dude this was probably the intro with is y it had to sky battles of and dude i watched it 2 times to see if the sound cut and guess what...no cutting threwout the whole flash i think you just whanted to pick on this flash...so maker dont listen to him it was pretty cool but could have been longer.. so i give you 4/5

Suprisingly lame.

I thought this was going to be alot cooler than it was, maybe, oh, somthing to do with the sky, of flying would be nice. Basically, it didtn stay on topic. Nice effect, how the sound cut out during the combat scene. (sarcasm)

cmon, that was great artwork, you can do better!

Charactor development, maybe somthing to do with flying, also, would make this alot cooler.


there wasen't much violence,action there really wasen't much of anything


I have to say it was quite nice to find two (one being your flash) flashs use two of my pieces in the same exact day.

This one seems to be doing much better tho'. And I must thank you for using my piece. I'm more of an audio-junkie and I don't watch much flash so I'm afraid I can't give too good a review but I can say I really liked it... not matter how short. ^^

And it was nice to know my music would be used in SOMETHING after the fact that the last 3 times my audio has been used the flash's have been blammed *sigh*

So thank you. And my oh my, you even put me in the credits ^^ I doubt I deserve that honor.

Good luck!

pretty cool

give your characters some personality!!! make one of the sidekcik guys a pervert, and one a nerd, make one think the chick has it easy cuz of her glove. and, since iv been watching all of ur work, if u ever o the scond half again, make one of the heros b old friends with one of the pirates, but still fight and kill him, for honour (the one who thinks the chick has it easy y not). make a evil pirate not want to fight, but instead run. when nerd guy aproaches have him jump, when nerd guy tries to save him they should both end up dead, why the hell not? have a hero die, its more fun that way. Once the evil pirate with the glove is the only one left have him order the dragons to tear up the ship then fly off while it crashlands, leaves u with many oppertunities for a sequel

all the above comments are simply sudgestions, take them or leave them, take some and leave others, but give them a chance. i really think you have potential. if you would like some assistance in the storyboard i would love to hepl and dont even rquire mention in the credits. but follow this advise and you will have yourself a fantastic movie

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Sep 2, 2006
12:46 PM EDT
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