The Emo Kid Game 2

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The second emo kid game!

Bars were slowed down...



that was a pretty bad game. the choice of content had absolutely nothing to do with the object of the game.
it may aswell have been "click the different parts of a brick before the chocolate bars run down to zero". im going to give you a 1 tho for hating emo kids.

ShqweezPerduptins responds:

how is this hating emo kids

I still have no idea what "Emo" really is.

Look. I'm sick of emo kids. And I'm even more sick of people making fun of them. They may be whiny and effeminate, but calling a guy in tight jeans "gay" just because he subscribes to one of many useless youth trends and tries to define himself using a crappy culutral label is just plain wrong. There are real people who are really gay struggling for acceptance all over the world. Please take my advice and shut the hell up about emo kids. Let the whiny little bastards rot in their own incenserity. Stop projecting your own fears about being gay or insufficently punk, goth, etc. onto these idiots, and get a life. As for the game? I chuckled. But not worth the NG bandwith and not worth my stupid rant.

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ShqweezPerduptins responds:

why do you care you dont even know what emo is so go die! with joy

thank you

another good game making fun of emos,ahh...gay emos..i wanna start like an anti emo group or something...

ShqweezPerduptins responds:

your welcome mamm


This brought me happnies for a long time. Do you ever win tho?

ShqweezPerduptins responds:

yes you do if you didnt know that you couldnt win then you must suck! haha jk...but not really


Even if it was destinated to laugh to emos, the game was kinda funny....

ShqweezPerduptins responds:

then why did you give us a 0 for humor...


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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2006
7:59 AM EDT
Skill - Other