Voodoo: 5 Deaths

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Five way of using your standard voodoo doll. It's my first submission, so I hope that you enjoy the effort I have put into it.

Props to the noobs out there like me!



I'm surprised it only got a 2.8. I'd say it deserves a 3 plus... you just don't have a snazzeh preloader. Ha, no portalz award for you and stuff. You might as well give me teh 10 bucks already.

And a few questions:
1. Have you found my other account?
2. How long did this take you?
3. Do you want to like, collab and stuff?

Very clever

This is very funny. Especially the "cease to exist" death. However, the art reeks of MS-Paint, with the exception of the doll itself, which is well drawn. I recommend spending a little more time on your next peice, reserving quick computer art for backgrounds, and draw out anything you want the viewer to be looking at for an extended period. Keep up the good work.

It was good for a first submission.

The animation for the victim in the backround didn't have enough frames, but overall, it was good. Keep up the good work. Also, it would be nice if you were to PM me when you release your next flash, because I would like to see it.

Wasn't half bad

But then again it wasn't half good either. It was good because it's your first submission. But I still think the idea wasn't good. Get a better idea.

but but but...

kids are the only thing its still legal to smoke? what to you want me to smoke, crack? what kind of message is that to the kids? at least before the was only smoking each other... good going. telling kids to do drugs like that... how dare you. and i thought the members of a QUAILTY website such as this would have a more proper community... lol. jk. nice flash.

CrumpitBoy responds:


It's people like you who killed goldilocks! I mean, imagine if someone had left a confusing note about the porridge, then goldilocks would be so stumped that when the bears came home she would be witting there with porridge dripping off her face reading the note instead of running for her life. Hypothetically, of course.

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2.76 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2006
6:37 AM EDT