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LotR The Simple Solution

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Though Gandalf the Grey is a too-cool-for-school wizard, he could have followed three simple steps and avoided copious amounts of suffering across Middle Earth.

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If i had to describe newgrounds with one video.... XD fucking hilarious

LotR The Simple Solution

Good effort on the animation. Had a few funny moments.


Just plain horrible. You didnt even bother to make a constructive parody.
And btw, your "3 steps" thing is clearly taken from the "how it should have ended" video on youtube.

Freaktwa the fucktard

Animation was good for this I thought, funny too the 11th finger..

And as for the fanboy who shit himself watching this the door goes both ways not just into your house aka dungeon.


i agree with the guy below...
nazguls can fly on their own you know...