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You can now download this (.exe version) on my site! Check it out! http://jhetto.sitesled.co m/
(If there are any problems, don't hesitate to e-mail me :) (Jhetthro@gmail.com)


EDIT: This version can now be used past the year 2009 :)


First off, I would like to say this: I do know that this Flash is kinda weird for a place like Newgrounds, but please understand that I'm not out to change it at all! In fact, I love every random acts of violence and comedy that this site holds! This is a flash, and Newgrounds is a place to submit flash, that is all...So please just accept or leave it alone as it is :)

Anyways, this is a newer, updated version of my "NG Study Buddy". It has those previous features plus newly added ones like Mulitple savefiles, Event reminder, Addressbook, Memos/Stickeys and Notebook. (Plus Non-Case-Sensative Answers thanks to DashDingo!). I feel that this is complete and that it can truly help with the whole school year :D Please Enjoy~


Interesting, good concept.

Even though this flash is hardly appropriate for newgrounds, the idea is innovative and the programming is really good. Instead of putting it on a site such as newgrounds, you should market it. I am sure that suply stores such as staples would be glad to both sell and endorse your program. Good luck! :)


eh i fell asleep trying to figure this out cause the instructions dint help and i smashed my comp and i had to pay 150 bucks for a new 1 that was part of my savings for a psp.to make this short it sucked.

it was a little boring.

i usally cant get in to a game unless it has gun,action,violence,ect.so i dont like this to much

*round of applause*

very very ingenious but yet very ballsy..i would have expected to be hammered for this flash but its very very usefull and good. i gave you a 10 for violence as everything doesnt have to be about violence and u made a point of not including it. You are a revolutionist...maybe more ppl will start making practical flash now that we can use in our everyday life.


This Is A Really Great Idea!! I'm Gonna Have To Try It When I Go Back To School!! You Even Have A Study Tool!! The Music Was Also Good!!

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