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A year has passed since the first episode release date...but there was no first episode :) Just an alpha. For the last year i tried to learn more about flash, how to draw with my mouse better. Last week i made the scripts for the first 3 episodes, and i decided to make a trailer. I think ill start making it from September? I have a copuple of projects going on (Gundam,this one, Silent Hill) so will see. I just joined EvoxMedia Studios, so on the loading screen you can see "Kamil Lapaj/Evox movie". My only goal is...even one person who will like it :) Its made in Flash5, and compressed in MX. Its 12fps, since im just learning how to make a movie in 24fps right now. So...ejnoy, and thanx for watching....shit that was long eh :D

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well good but...

tis to much like x-men friend... you need to make some of your own powers up, its been done before, and made millions! so try and seperate yours from x-men, also what was the goal keepers power? he can catch footballs really good? or if it was good reflex's you need to make it clear maybe send more than just one item at him!

but still good work, look forward to seeing it, cus u know what your doin i gave you a 5/5 ;)

Setsuna-pl responds:

Yes i know...everyone is asking me: does that phenix attack have something to do with Xmen :) Its based more on "Psychic Force" games, so the characters will use elements like water,ice, fire...and only the main hero can use darkness. And as for the goalkeeper...yes he is fast, but his power is lightning, i just didnt know how to show it, so i jus showed that he is a normal goalkeeper for now :) And thank you for the review and thr "5" :)

off to a good start.

i'll be watching for the next one.

Setsuna-pl responds:

Thanks..you wont be dissapointed :)

not bad

but work on the graphics and for gods sake add some female characters!!!

Setsuna-pl responds:

Thank you. I have only 4 female characters in plans, cuz its difficult to draw them :) And ill work on the graphics .


Yo it looks really good and all, but you used X's theme song for the trailer, and thats kinda lame, using a tv's shows theme song, still........

Setsuna-pl responds:

Thanks..yeah i know it can look kinda lame, but when i heard this song i just wanted to use it :) Thanx for the 7 :D

Awesome, but lacks something

this series has great promise, but I think you really need to invest in some voice actors, get that going for you & this series could very well rival the XIN!

Setsuna-pl responds:

I asked TamtuBui and Kagome for help..but that was a year ago :D Thank you for your review :)

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2006
1:08 PM EDT
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